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Maureen E. Vella, Esq. is a certified, collaboratively trained attorney. A form of alternative dispute resolution in family law; a Collaborative Divorce is when both parties are represented by attorneys and agree to resolve conflicts through negotiation and non-adversarial tactics, in a non-threatening, non-abusive environment. This is a non-litigation alternative to divorce.

The obvious benefit is that through civil negotiations, a Collaborative Divorce is:

  • Less stressful
  • Less emotional
  • Less public, and
  • Less expensive than a litigated divorce

The participants commit to a fair, safe and non-threatening process, which is especially important when children are involved.

A Collaborative Divorce will keep you out of the Court system until a settlement is reached by both parties.

From your collaboratively trained attorney, Maureen E. Vella, Esq., you will be advised of your rights and responsibility regarding the same issues that are usually litigated, such as support, custody, access to the children, equitable distribution of property, and financial matters.


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