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Vella, Singer, and Associates offers a range of immigration services, including immigrant and non-immigrant visas, both work and family based.

Non-immigrant visas are temporary authorizations to live and/or work in the United States. There are a variety of different categories for these visas, each with a different basis and different requirements.

Immigrant visas are permanent or semi-permanent authorizations to live and work in the United States. As with non-immigrant visas, these visas could be based on a variety of different qualifications.

For both types of visa, the two broad categories of authorization are family-based, and work-based. In both situations a “sponsor” is required – either a US citizen or lawful permanent resident, or a US-based company. Family based visas can be easier to apply for in terms of the requirements, but often will take longer to obtain due to backlog, depending on the category applied under.”


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